Those people you meet…

I joined in October last year. In that time, I’ve been Editor’s Choice, and had my novel published in their magazine.

But better than all this? I’ve made so many new friends. I swear we were all meant to meet somehow. Luckily it was via the medium of Jottify, where we’ve been sharing our work and receiving the kind of feedback that just isn’t possible from those who aren’t writers as well.

We’ve shared games, movies, music (recently, a song in Slovakian, a language I don’t understand a word of). Funny to think that all of these recommendations have been spot on. How can you know someone over the Internet? I have no idea. But we’ve all done a pretty bang on job, I think.

I kinda want to petition Jottify to have a get together somewhere – even if some of us have to attend via Skype (students don’t earn enough for plane tickets, apparently *sigh*).

I just think that if we were all to meet, it would be… amazing. An event worth attending, and one that would be absolutely unforgettable.

Those people you meet… who were your best friends in a past life.

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2 comments on “Those people you meet…
  1. Eleomer says:

    Aprille, I love this idea! I share your sentiment – how does one meet someone on the internet? Before Jottify, I would have been doubtful, but now I know for sure it’s possible! I met you, after all! And Sonya has become my dearest and best friend ever in the short time I’ve known her! And then there’s Jack Hughes, Adam Lowe, Gary Shepherd, Anne Bradshaw, Helen Mason, Millicent Moles (whom I haven’t seen in too long) Caraticus, E Higgins, Christine Fung … the list goes on and on!!! I do love the idea of meeting everyone somehow, someday. Hopefully these friendships last a lifetime!! 🙂

  2. Sonya Lano says:

    I’m all for arranging a get together! I could ask Eliane (in Australia) and Data and Deb (both in New Zealand) and a couple other Jottifiers and they could pass it on, and I also suppose we could tweet it. Someone would have to organize it and pick some dates and a location… for me if it’s going to be a physical get together then maybe the end of September. If it’s just on skype then pretty much anytime 🙂 as long everyone haggles out the time zones, since we range from Canada to NZ…
    Btw just so you’re not surprised, I’m going to unfollow you and then follow you again because I don’t get any e-mail notifications when you post something new. I stumbled upon this post purely by chance because wordpress actually showed me blog list page for once!
    And reading this reminds me that I need to start actually keeping up with twitter and jottify again!

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