Cultural Studies

Ok, so last year I wrote a small piece about how much I hated Cataloguing whilst I was studying my library certificate. This year’s hated topic is cultural studies, of which I’ve been forced to study at my current university.

From research projects that are impossible to pass to analysis of the everyday TV ad, these courses take ‘useless’ to a whole new level. When I told people that I was studying a Bachelor of Arts, they forced this smile at me and said through their teeth ‘Oh. That’s nice.’

So already the course was casting dubious expressions my way. I even got one person that told me ‘good luck’. I see now why it was needed.

The course I’m allegedly studying is Writing and Creative Communication. As of this semester, I have done one writing subject out of seven. Yeah. It’s that bad. The other six have been courses such as.

  1. Dicovering Language, Culture and Society
  2. Introduction to Communication and Cultural Studies
  3. Professional and Creative Communication 1
  4. Professional and Technical Writing – NOT A WRITING SUBJECT
  5. Language and Context
  6. And my elective for this semester and the only subject I’ll pass – Performance

The one writing course out of those was a Writing and Text Workshop, which was my salvation on Tuesdays. I failed DCLS last semester and am subsequently repeating it now… and failing… again. ICCS I will fail as well, due to my lack of interest in the subject.

Cultural Studies are absolutely, 100% USELESS. Here is a scenario of how I might go in a job interview one day.

Potential Employer: So Renee, I see here you’ve got a Bachelor of Arts

Me: A-yes I do – (probably very unlikely that I’ll graduate but let’s say for lols that I do)

Potential Employer: Ah, I see you studied Writing and Creative Communication. So that course helped you become a better writer then?

Me: Uh…

Potential Employer: No, ok, how about editing? I see you majored in Editing and Publishing.

Me: Well…

Potential Employer: Gave you insightful information about the publishing industry?

Me: Um…

Potential Employer: What can you do then, Renee?

Me: Well, sir, I can analyse the shit out of a perfume advertisment.

Potential Employer: Right. Thank you for coming in.

Ta Da! I’m unemployed again. I really just cannot see how cultural studies is going to help me get a job or make me desirable to potential employers. In defiance I will fail every cultural subject thrown my way.

(it’s just coincidence I was already doing so)

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2 comments on “Cultural Studies
  1. frozenari says:

    That’s what I think of my school. How is this supposed to get us a career again?

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