Ode to those perfect days…

I’ll keep this one quick on account of NaNo wearing a hole in my fingertips, but I just thought I’d quickly write something up about those perfect days.

To me, the perfect day is staying in your pyjamas all day, and the only reason you get out of your jim jams and wrestle on jeans is to order a large McChicken meal from McDonalds.

Oh I feel the sneers of disgust as people read this. But I write a lot on those days. Yes, I’ve done most of what I consider my best work in my pyjamas snacking on fries. Right now I’m sitting here writing this with an enormous McDonalds coke next to me.

Just thought I’d put this out there. This is what I consider a perfect day.

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One comment on “Ode to those perfect days…
  1. Eleomer says:

    No McDonalds for me!! 🙂
    I don’t know if they’re different in Australia, but around here they’re one of the worst fast food places around!
    However, I know what you mean about those perfect days. It’s nice to be able to just relax all day long with nothing you have to do, and just catch up on relaxing, doing the things you want to do, or just doing nothing at all!
    I feel like I haven’t done anything and am not ready to go to bed if I haven’t played a game, watched or read something… so I never truly do nothing all day, of course, but nothing important (except eating, that’s always important!) 🙂

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