The Gorgeous Gorge


After too much procrastination and not enough time set aside to enjoy the fresh air, I bundled the camera and tripod into the Rolla and set off for the hills. My poor excuse for a tripod was held together with hopes, dreams, gaff tape and copious amounts of superglue- it did work though! After binding my fingers together with glue and putting up with sandpaper finger-prints- I wanted to make this trip worthwhile! To the Gorge!

I purposefully trudged down a mild cliff face toward the embankment. The river effortlessly gushed along the rocks and debris without a care. I don’t think it was really fussed to have a visitor.
On my ‘spirited’ hills drives, I had always admired this little river system. Why has it taken me so long to visit this wonderful place? It was quaint and set off by murmurings of bird life and the gentle trickle…

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