The Australian Apocalypse and a mini Soul Blaze update

So I guess 2014 isn’t going to be the year that I do a post per month.

Don’t celebrate too loudly.

I’ll start off my first post for the year by saying welcome to the Australian Apocalypse. For most of my readers/followers/people-who-put-up-with-my-ranting, it’s winter. But for us Aussies, it’s a blazing hot summer (see what I did there?). During the last 8 weeks or so, we’ve had more days over 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) than we’ve had under it. Which, you can imagine, has sent tempers and electricity bills skyrocketing, but when it reaches 37 in your house alone, you can’t help but turn on the air con for some relief.

Just for interest’s sake, the hottest day we had was 47 I think. Our air conditioner broke that day because it got “too hot”. I applaud the makers of our air conditioner. If they’re not careful, they’ll get a blog rant all to themselves.

So that’s stage one of the Australian Apocalypse. Second was the blackouts, spreading across the suburbs and knocking out not just our house’s power, but all streetlights as well. Luckily the traffic lights are on a separate grid. I stood out on our street with my partner during one of these black outs, and I swear I was ready to start gearing up with weapons and the like, because nothing has ever felt more like the collapse of society. For a moment I was living in a dystopian novel and… and I think I liked it a little bit.


Next was the windstorm, which ripped across Adelaide and tore trees out by the roots, toppled power lines and peeled rooves off of houses. The power was knocked out again, this time for more than twelve hours, and it was just luck that we were having a rare coolish day so we didn’t boil in our homes.

And just yesterday, we evacuated due to a bushfire. The forecast was 42 but due to cloud cover, only just made it to 38. The fire was a few kilometres away, but with the wind being unpredictable, we were told to enact our Bushfire Safety Plan.

Also, shout out to the police force for not helping during evacuation, but setting up speed cameras along the evac routes to try and get some fines out of the people fleeing their homes during a crisis. Biggest thumbs up to you guys. Only the air conditioner makers come close to you.

But seriously, a big thank you to our Country Fire Service for saving homes and lives in horrible conditions. The CFS is a volunteer organisation that are called out to bushfires or downed trees and generally save lives without asking anything in return. These people risk their lives over and over again and would probably refuse to let you buy them a beer. I don’t know if there’s an organisation like this where any of my readers live, but please, buy them a beer to say thanks. They are the most awesome people ever.

Now, Soul Blaze is coming out on the 29th of March. Exciting, right? Yeah… sure… just let me grab a bucket.

I’d say I’m about 70% of the way there, but the remaining 30% is giving me some grief. I’m going to get stuck into it this week.

The proof copies arrived and have already been defaced with red pen. To my relief, there are almost no typos and the whole premise seems to work.

1 month 20 days, and you can tell me for yourself 🙂

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One comment on “The Australian Apocalypse and a mini Soul Blaze update
  1. Eleomer says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize your temperatures were THAT high!! By contrast, we’ve had an unusually cold winter here in Canada, but nothing to complain about compared to the things you’ve been dealing with one after the other, by the sounds of it.
    We do have a volunteer fire service in my area, good guys who come out to every fire and ask nothing in return, same as you. It’s good there are such people in the world.

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