The Past Week

So Soul Blaze went on sale on March 29th 2014. In that time I’ve had slow, but sure, purchases both paperback and ebook.


Two reviews have filtered in on Goodreads, which can be found here and here. As they came in on the same day, you can imagine I was one chuffed little author.


And now I move onto the final installment of the Soul Trilogy, Soul Inferno. As this is the last book in the series, I won’t be setting a release date right now, as I want the final book to be absolutely perfect. However, it’s going to be incredibly sad to say goodbye to Sky! She’s been so much fun to write, and as I hate goodbyes, I expect I’ll be flooding my keyboard as I write her final scenes.


Soul Inferno opens in the Tsalski Empire, which is loosely based off of Indonesia. I travelled there in May last year and had a great time exploring the islands, which will be an invaluable source of inspiration for this exotic setting.



I can’t wait to go travelling in other countries to use them as inspiration. Until then, I have very fond memories of this trip and enough photos to help remember the experience! The Tsalski Islands will be very fun to write, especially as their centuries old Empire hates Lotheria and its rulers…


Let me know where you’ve travelled in the comments!!

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