My Stint On National Television

Last Tuesday, I woke up to a Facebook message on my author page. It was a reporter from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), representing a tv show called Behind the News, essentially a kid’s news program. I’ve watched BTN since I was about six years old and they’d wheel the old telly into our classroom at school. We all loved the show.

Now, sixteen years later, I was being asked to appear as a guest author.

Of course I accepted, and two days later found myself at a local high school where we were filming the piece. As well as the ABC crew, there were four girls from the high school, all promising writers. We were filming a mock ‘MasterChef’ segment for a writing masterclass. The girls were absolutely lovely, and once hearing their short story pitches, I understood why they’d been picked for the shoot. I really hope to see more of these girls and their writing gifts one day.

The filming was great fun, however nerve racking. If in the video I look a little in pain, it’s due to the red heels I wore on the day. I have such a love/hate relationship with you, shoes, but next time, I’m wearing my converse.

Below is the clip! I would love to hear what you think of the writing tips I give, and I would love to hear your golden rule of writing!

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