Indie Read of the Month: November

Indie Read of the Month is a new segment I’ll endeavour to keep updated. Once a month, I’ll pick and choose an independently published novel to read and review here on my blog. I’m definitely open to recommendations and I’d love the idea to be taken up by others!


This month’s indie read will be No One to Save Her by Sonya Lano and Iris Ng-Bakalar. Description as follows (source:

No One to Save Her


A slave girl marked for death and an unlikely hero from the lowest level of a walled city join forces in a race up the city levels, dodging the men seeking her death and trying to survive until they can find a cure for the disease that infects everyone over the age of twenty-six.

Serycia Fade, a slave marked for death…
I run into the most impoverished level of our walled city, where poisons and toxins swirl in oily black puddles on the streets, and people are gathering in a square in line for food.
But they can’t be here.
I scream at them to get out, get away.
And the world explodes.

Soren Lost, a Level 1 nonentity…
She breaks into my life like a shard of sunlight shining in a squalid world just before the square explodes. Staggering out of the rubble, she offers me a pill that will give me a month of health in exchange for me getting her back out of Level 1.
Only thing is, a powerful man has her marked for death; she’s got city protectors on her tail; her former master has been mind-wiped and doesn’t remember she exists; and I have a sister to protect.
I should refuse, should leave her mired in her own troubles.
But there’s no one else to save her. So I take the month of health and do my damnedest to save her myself.
Good thing, too, because if I get her to the lab on Level 3, her research might be the key to finding the cure for the virus that dooms us all to die at twenty-six.
If I can keep her alive that long.

Currently available on Smashwords and Amazon if you want to read along with me!

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