NaNoWriMo Thoughts

Normal person: Hey would you like a coffee?

Guest 1: Sure!

NaNoWrimer: coffee

Guest 2: Sure!

Normal person gets out two mugs

NaNoWrimer gets out one

Guest 2: Oh, you’re not having one?

NaNoWrimer: *barely spares a glance at Guest 2* *spoonful of coffee grains into mug and hot water* *hot water into coffee jar*


Normal person: So how’re things? Tell me all the goss.

NaNoWrimer: why are you here, in 1600 words, which is roughly the amount of words I’m not writing because you’re here

Guest 2: Well, *sigh* I have this 300 word essay that I need to write for uni, and it’s like, super hard-

NaNoWrimer: get out


Normal person’s daily thoughts

She totally doesn’t like me, that stare says it all really, what a bitch. I only called her a slag, like, once. Urgh, gotta get this assignment in in the next two months. Should I do laundry when I get home, or watch How I Met Your Mother? Both sounds good, I mean, I have all the time in the world lololololol.

NaNoWrimer’s daily thoughts

I can’t kill her, who will bear the prince’s heirs? Should I have a dragon kill her? OMG THE DRAGON BEARS THE PRINCE’S HEIRS. Genius.
I need sleep.
I need coffee.
Someone help me.

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