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One of my favourite things as an author is writing food into books. Creating your own styles, recipes and dishes is something I cannot do in real life, so to do it in my books is a lot of fun and I enjoy it a lot. I think it’s every author’s aim to make their reader’s stomach growl, something I’ve been the victim of several times!

Currently I’m reading through the Beka Cooper series by Tamora Pierce, and food is something this author does extremely well. For example, in No. #1, Terrier, Beka and her companions are eating at an inn, resulting in this tasty little line:

“Then, slowly, and with great care, he buttered a fat roll bursting with nuts and raisins and ate it, making sounds of delight.”

Oh boy, I kinda wouldn’t mind some fruit bread right now.

The other example that sticks in my mind is, ironically, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. A scene in particular still makes me salivate, in which Rue and Katniss were eating a bird they’d caught and cooked. The descriptions of the soft, tender meat and grease had me running to KFC. Other examples would have to include The Earth’s Children series by Jean M Auel, who won awards for the amount of research she put into these amazing Ice Age books, and she certainly didn’t lean out with the spices used for cooking. Again, KFC enjoyed my attentive patronage.

I’d love to hear which author has written tantalizing food stuffs into their works, and as a bonus, I’ll leave a small paragraph from Soul Inferno.

Second course was arriving. A servant swept away my uneaten dish of spiced beef curry with cucumber cream and replaced it with the choice cut of pork braised with coconut rum and lemongrass.

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