Soul Blaze Epilogue

With the first draft of Soul Inferno finished and editing very much underway, I decided it would be a good idea to post up Soul Blaze’s epilogue as a small refresher on where Sky’s journey currently stands.

I’ll be making a more formal post about Soul Inferno and its process of becoming a novel further on in the piece. In the meantime, enjoy the last chapter of Book 2!

Mahoosive spoilers if you haven’t read Soul Blaze (The Soul Trilogy #2).


The ship was small and fast. Rain, my ladies in waiting and Seffina had been aboard for an hour by the time I arrived at the dock.

After Eleanora had taken Seff back to my chambers as I rushed to the library, she had barricaded them both in for hours. No one had come after the girl, and thus Ryman’s informer stayed hidden. I figured the only way to keep Seffina safe was to have her by me at all times.

I started up the gangway and then turned back, looking over the city I was leaving behind and my parents. They and the council would monitor the country and capital while I was gone. I didn’t know how long negotiations with the Emperor would take.

Far in the North, I could see the haze of a thousand fires. Those that opposed the King were running for the border that sliced my country in half, desperate to reach the safety of the capital.

As we were given the order to cast off, I could see desperation in the faces of those who’d come to see us off. If I failed to secure the Tsalski Empire’s support, we started off this tumult on the wrong foot.

The fresh air beckoned as we left the harbour, sweeping away the smoke of new war.

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