Help Me!

I read a book back in about 2006 from my school library and I’m starting to think it does not exist.

It was a dystopian called Talents, or The Talented, or the Young Talents – you get the idea. The main character was a girl called Kate.

Some people in this book had special abilities, which the government called Talents and whisked them off to facilities. Kate gets caught and taken to one of these, where she meets a guy named Deuce.

This is literally all I can remember.
Please help me, I think I’m going crazy. I’ve been searching for years.

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3 comments on “Help Me!
  1. DebE says:

    One that kind of looks about right is The Mysterious Benedict Society (, but there isn’t a Deuce there. The name Deuce doesn’t help much now that the Razorland books have come out.
    No luck on my searches, I’m afraid.

  2. Could that maybe be Gifts by Ursula K LeGuin?

  3. Thanks for the help, you guys! Author Rebecca McNutt actually found it for me over on Goodreads:

    Now I’ve just gotta hunt down a copy. Feels so weird to know what the book was/is after all these years.

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