Life after the Soul Trilogy

This has been amended in another post.

So with Soul Inferno all set to come out in about three weeks (oh boy!), one of the most recurring questions I am asked is:

“What next?”

So I thought I’d make a little post to answer the question and announce a couple of things that I’m pretty excited about.

Currently I don’t have a release schedule (I don’t like to set dates for things that I haven’t yet written), but two novellas will be coming out over the next year, set in the same universe as the Soul Trilogy, but focussing on different characters. One will take place simultaneous to Soul Inferno, and the other is set several years after the war. Both will be around 50k.

I’m really excited about these two works, and I’ll have more details for you down the track (title, synopsis, etc.)

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  1. […] few weeks ago, I published a post called ‘Life After the Soul Trilogy‘. In this post, I announced two new novellas, but now I have to make a small amendment. After […]

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