Novella Reveal #2

Soul Inferno Spoilers Ahead!

As winter closes in around my little writing hovel, I feel it’s time to warm up! Say hello to Ember Marks, daughter of Sky and Griffin. sad-woman-silhouette

Yes, the next novella to be announced will be written from the perpsective of sixteen year old Ember, who has inherited her father’s amber eyes and her mother’s now infamous temper.

Though it’s been twenty years since the Lightning War, echoes of discord still resonate through every country, and as such, Sky and Griffin have made the choice to keep their past hidden from the world… and their daughter.

But as a deal from Sky’s past catches up to them, Ember will be forced to realise the truth behind her parents, and the role they played in the changing of history.

Threads of Ember takes place twenty years after Soul Inferno, and will feature several familiar faces from the trilogy. Watch this space for more information!

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2 comments on “Novella Reveal #2
  1. Sonya Lano says:

    Looking forward to this one a lot!

  2. […] Just a quick update on what’s coming up! A Veil of Stars now has its very own Goodreads record, which you can find here. It is the first in the ‘Lotheria’ series, which will consist of three novellas overall. You can find more info on the other two in my previous posts – The Golden Empress and Threads of Ember. […]

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