Novella Reveal #3

And last, but definitely not least, the third novella.

Arguably the one I look forward to most, The Golden Empress will follow Ilsa’s rise to power in the Tsalski Islands.The Golden Empress

Bestowed with a mysterious power that makes her fellow villagers suspicious, Ilsa is sacrificed to marauding pirates when they attack. Instead of killing her, the pirate captain is fascinated by her lavendar eyes and colourful language. Adopting her into his crew, he unknowingly seals his own fate as she begins to manipulate the others, and his ship becomes the first in her fleet.

Sailing the Isles, a rival pirate captain emerges. But their fates may be tangled together in ways they never could have foreseen…

Well, that’s all the novellas! I’ll be announcing release dates and covers in the usual fashion, stay posted!

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One comment on “Novella Reveal #3
  1. […] of three novellas overall. You can find more info on the other two in my previous posts – The Golden Empress and Threads of […]

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