Useful Writing Materials

Over the years, I’ve found myself collecting a number of resources for writing, and I thought I’d finally make a post with the ones I’ve found most useful.

First, the big one; a colour photoset. Anyone who’s read my trilogy knows how many colours I had to come up with and then describe in various ways – it certainly did my head in at times! This photoset saved me so many times, and definitely added a bit more flavour to what otherwise might have been very flat description.

(Soul Inferno 2015) Drifting over the windows to watch the sun set over Castor, I watched dusty hues of gold, orange and lavender light touch briefly upon the rooftops and the flags on the city walls. 

tumblr_n9yghdiiIE1sqx8y7o1_500 tumblr_n9yghdiiIE1sqx8y7o2_500 tumblr_n9yghdiiIE1sqx8y7o3_500 tumblr_n9yghdiiIE1sqx8y7o4_500 tumblr_n9yghdiiIE1sqx8y7o5_500 tumblr_n9yghdiiIE1sqx8y7o6_500 tumblr_n9yghdiiIE1sqx8y7o7_500 tumblr_n9yghdiiIE1sqx8y7o8_500

In addition to colours, I found the next photoset extremely valuable for my 1940’s fantasy.

(Thorn of the Rose TBA) He glanced up, annoyed at being expected to work so early, but his expression softened as he took in the older of the two. She was tall, but curvy, her maroon suit clinging to her hips and bosom. Her hair was tightly pinned into rolls beneath the matching velvet cloche hat, a lavender ribbon fastened around it. Her eyes, though, were steely blue, fixing him with such an intense stare that he gulped. He suspected that she was young, but something told him not to underestimate her. 

fashion-vocabulary-chignon hats the_dress_shape_vocabulary1 tumblr_nf50mc6WRg1u2zlpso2_1280 tumblr_nf50mc6WRg1u2zlpso3_500

Then, the ever so helpful descriptions of setting. I found this resource made it a lot easier to visualise what I was trying to write!

tumblr_n1dm797NbE1qhuscto4_500 tumblr_n1dm797NbE1qhuscto5_500 tumblr_n1dm797NbE1qhuscto2_500 tumblr_n1dm797NbE1qhuscto3_500

Then we have visual thesauruses – the ‘Titles’ card came in very helpful for Soul Blaze and Inferno.

emotions said is dead tumblr_n21d1wZ74t1torw6zo1_1280

And now the fun stuff! As a writer, I find myself inappropriately excited about all kinds of gory things, please don’t ask why – that would open a can of worms I have no notion of addressing. The bullet chart came in handy for Thorn of the Rose, and the arteries charts complimented other research for A Veil of Stars

A Veil of Stars (TBA) I ducked under the clumsy swing from his friend and darted up behind him. Wrapping one arm around his torso to hold him still, I plunged the bloody knife into the back of his neck, between his second and third cervical vertebrae, severing his spinal cord. I withdrew the blade, covering myself in speckles of blood for the second time in mere seconds. 

arteries in a foot tumblr_moefr6H4uk1st72rvo1_500 arteries in a face

Please feel free to enlighten me to the creators of this material if you know them, I’ve been collecting them for so long I wouldn’t know, but I would like to pay tribute to them where possible.

In addition to these, I collect pictures of places and things that interest me. I had a whole folder full of pretty glass bottles at one point. I believe having visual material is one of the most important resources a writer can draw on. Feel free to link me towards any you use yourself!

May your coffee be hot, and your imagination inspired!

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