Coming Soon… A Veil of Stars

Just a quick update on what’s coming up! A Veil of Stars now has its very own Goodreads record, which you can find here. It is the first in the ‘Lotheria’ series, which will consist of three novellas overall. You can find more info on the other two in my previous posts – The Golden Empress and Threads of Ember.

Tentatively aiming for a 2016 release, A Veil of Stars follows Theresa’s journey through Gannameade as she tails Phoenix. A proper description will be added to the Goodreads title soon, so stay posted, but suffice to say, I am LOVING this book so far.

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5 comments on “Coming Soon… A Veil of Stars
  1. Tipp says:

    Hi April, I found your new venture on SOOP and voted for ‘Ruthless’. (You may or may not remember me as Black Ace when Jottify was around). You’ve inspired me to think of doing the same! Good luck!

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