That Thrilling Rush…

I just did something I’ve never done before. I feel naughty, a bit guilty, but I’m so damned excited and pleased that I did.

I wrote the finale scene for my current WIP out of sequence.

*people calling for pitchforks in the distance*


No, but wait! I have reasons!

  1. I’ve had that scene written in my head since I started writing the book. Lately I’ve been forgetting crucial things, and the finale was not one that I wanted to let go of! So I figured the best way to stop that would be to write it.
  2. I know where the book is going now. I know how it ends, who my characters are, and how I’ll be leaving them. I can now orchestrate the rest of the book better so it all ties in.
  3. I AM ON THE BIGGEST RUSH RIGHT NOW! I keep reading the final scene. I kind of want to share it, but it has mahoosive spoilers, obviously.
  4. I just really wanted to write it, okay?


Lately I’ve been struggling to find motivation to keep writing. It’s the ass end of November and NaNoWriMo is at its hardest. I’ve been slogging through the middle of this thing, all the while just wanting to edit it back to bare bones but I can’t, because it’s detrimental to my word count. So I decided to switch things up a bit, and I feel refreshed. I feel revitalised, and like my project is going somewhere.

I’ll return to the core of the book now, and when December rolls around, will edit it so harshly it’ll be like NaNoWriMo didn’t happen. But this all spells good things for the book, and I can’t recommend what I did enough.

Also, hey. It’s me. The ending will probably change five times when I get to it. But now I have something to work off, a base to build on. Now I’m going to play Star Wars as a reward. Happy writing!

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