Five Things That Were Almost Included in Soul Inferno (#3)

So maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but before Soul Inferno (2015) there was Soul Sun, which I wrote back in 2012. It was the conclusion to a very watered down version of what today is my fully fledged trilogy.
It was also terrible. There were some good things, but it was mostly bad – because I had no idea where the story was going. So, here they are. The five things that were included in what unfortunately could be called the first draft of my favourite book of the trilogy.

1. The Main Storyline Was a Plague

When a plague grips the mages of the Academy, no one is prepared for the ferocity of the disease. As Sky lays in a coma induced by the plague, Iain is forced to make a decision that will change the future for all of them; Bringing in the rogue mages as a last resort sets off a chain of events that will become the perfect stage for the finale of Sky’s plan.
That’s word for word from the Goodreads blurb, and I cringe just reading that. You can imagine the look of distaste now permanently etched on my face as I try to read the whole document.
Yes, my main, dazzling conclusion for the trilogy was a mysterious sickness that comes out of nowhere. Were there bigger intentions for it? I don’t remember. What I do remember is that it made no sense whatsoever, was not thought through, no research was done in the slightest, and I wrote it chapter to chapter. Yuck yuck and double yuck.

2. Eleanora Died

Yep. My favourite character from the trilogy was killed off as one of the first victims of the plague. Her death scene was boring, uneventful, and totally unworthy of someone I named my car after.text from soul sun 2 I get the feeling she’d be royally pissed if she found out. However, in the new draft, she lives and fights on to the end of the trilogy. It’s possible there will be a few mentions of her in the novellas that come after Soul Inferno.

3. Sky Got Pregnant with Phoenix’s Baby

Haha wow, the amount of people who thought this would carry over to Soul Inferno was so damn high. Disclaimer; I never even considered it. text from soul sun
Four weeks after their tryst, Phoenix marries Nemoidia, Sky attends the wedding and they decidedly hate each other. This pregnancy is discovered as Sky is out in the countryside looking for a healer to end the plague. Where did it come from, where did it go? Nobody knows, Cotton-Eyed Joe. All that happens is Sky gets sick, angry and calls one of her travel companions a bitch.
So, you know, a Tuesday for her.

4. Dena and Sky Were Basically Enemies

Man, so the friendship between these two has always been one of my favourite elements of the stories. I know I could’ve done more to portray it, but it was there. They’re besties. I totally forgot that I wrote this, and I’m glad. It didnt work, it felt forced, and it was so frustrating. Dena gets annoyed at how ruthless Sky has become and snubs her. Sky doesnt see the point in fixing the friendship and ignores her. It gets to the point where Dena refuses to heal her when Sky gets infected with the plague.
Talk about ouch.

5. Sky and Dustin Were Still Very Much a Thing

I am so very glad this went. In Soul Blaze and Inferno, Dustin is devoted to his girlfriend, and later wife, Raven. He becomes Sky’s friend, a steadfast warrior by her side, and a voice of reason during the war.
In Soul Sun, he was her old lover who still burned an old, boring candle.

text from soul sun 3


Pushed to the sidelines while she assessed if she could be bothered trying to love Phoenix, he was almost pathetically devoted to her. This Dustin has nothing in common with the strong, funny man I ended up writing. Lesson learned in not letting romance become the defining aspect of a character.


So there you have it. I’d like to think that the Soul Inferno that came into being was a lot better than this draft.

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be doing one of these for the original draft of Soul Blaze. Oh boy…

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