And the new book is…

I’ve been working on it for over twelve months. Now, as it nears completion, it’s announcement time.

On June 3rd 2013, I released a very poorly edited, terribly written novel called Soul Fire into the world. I lost my head in the excitement of self-publishing my first book, and made a lot of mistakes that could’ve been easily avoided. Publishing it so recklessly has been one of the biggest regrets of my life.
This isn’t to say that it hasn’t done good things for me. I’ve been very vocal about Soul Fire’s achievements, even quite recently. I just couldn’t stop wondering ‘what if?

On June 3rd 2018, I’ll be releasing the entirely re-written, remastered Soul Fire under a new title.

.:You can find the first chapter here:.


What does this mean for the rest of the trilogy?
Unfortunately, this means that it is no longer canon (not officially recognised). A Veil of Stars is now the only book that exists in the Lotherian universe… but it won’t be on its own for long.

Will you be releasing a new Soul Blaze and Soul Inferno?
I most certainly will. Ideally on their five year anniversaries as well, which means:

  • Book 2 – March 2019
  • Book 3 – May 2020

But as will all things publishing, I’m not locking in those dates until I have the full manuscripts finished.

But whyyyyy?
Because I knew I could be better. The world in my head was not fully realised in Soul Fire. There is so much more.
Also I started writing it and couldn’t stop.

Why are you self-publishing again?
I’ve become slightly addicted to being my own boss. The amount of annual leave I get is amazing, I ain’t giving up this gig.

Will I still be able to buy Soul Blaze and Soul Inferno after June 2018?
This is a question I have to put to those who help me market. I’m leaning towards ‘no’, because as I said above, it’s no longer canon. I’ll announce this when I have a firm decision.

New title and cover will be revealed at a later date.

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