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The Upcoming Lotherian Novellas

With the upcoming novellas on track, I thought I’d write a quick little post outlining which formats they’ll be coming out in. Initially, they’ll be ebooks – as novellas, they’ll be too small to warrant print versions. However, they will

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Novella Reveal #3

And last, but definitely not least, the third novella. Arguably the one I look forward to most, The Golden Empress will follow Ilsa’s rise to power in the Tsalski Islands. Bestowed with a mysterious power that makes her fellow villagers

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Novella Reveal #2

Soul Inferno Spoilers Ahead!

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Novella Reveal #1

As the date of the first launch party for Soul Inferno draws near (see my Facebook page for details!) I feel the time is ripe for a little announcement. A short while ago, I announced three novellas, set in the

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Soul Inferno, Novellas and Life in General…

It has almost been a week since Soul Inferno was released into the world, and it has been a crazy week indeed. First of all, there was the Soul Inferno release party that Friday night, which went off and was

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